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GM Petrov’s Complete Caro-Kann - Video 10

Opening: : Caro-Kann


This video will show one of the modern trending lines when black goes 4...Nf6 without preparation. White has to take, and then black can take with both pawns. exf6 has become very popular recently as the plan after that is very simple. Black goes Bd6, castle, and Qc7, and although he has double pawns, he controls all the squares in the center. White has to go for a long game, and often there are opposite castles and both players trying to attack. If black takes Qxf6, then white has more chances to get an advantage with the system with g3 and Bg2. Also, in the video, there is another line when black goes 3...g6 and white can either go for the center control with e5 and f4 or develop Nf3 and h3 with a more simple game.

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