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GM Petrov’s Complete Caro-Kann - Introduction

Opening: : Caro-Kann


This series will take a detailed look at one of the most solid openings: the Caro-Kann. The main idea of 1...c6 is to play d5, and in case white takes to be able to take back with a pawn and have more control in the center. GM Petrov will show you all the lines, and you will learn important ideas for black and white. Most of the time, black gets a bit passive but solid position, and later, he tries to be active in the middlegame or - in some lines - he goes for an endgame where he has less space but no weakness. White has many options, even starting from move 2. He is not forced to play 2.d4, and there are some tricky lines that black has to know, like 2.Nc3 and then Nf3. After 2.d4 d5, white has to decide what to do with his e-pawn. He can go 3.e5 to trade exd5 or defend the pawn with Nc3 or even f3. In the advanced line with e5, black has to choose between Bf5 or c5. In the case of Nc3, black usually takes dxe4, and then he has many options, Bf5, Nd7, or even Nf6. All those lines have entirely different ideas, so that we will explore and understand all the essential things.

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