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GM Petrov’s Attacking Ideas in the Openings - Video 6: KID for Black

Opening: E97: King's Indian: Orthodox Aronin–Taimanov Variation (Yugoslav Attack / Mar del Plata Variation)

Player(s): Gelfand, Nakamura

In this video, GM Petrov shows you a few good plans for black in the King's Indian defense. In the most popular line, where white goes Be2 and castles, black goes Nc6, and after d5 goes back Ne7. There are many different plans for white, but we will cover the most common Ne1 and Nd2. White is preparing to meet f5 with f3 and to hold the e4 pawn. In this case, black should close the game with f4; then white advances on the queenside and black builds his attack. We have to push f4 and g5 after bringing the knights to f6 and g6 and prepare h5 and g4. Meanwhile, watch out for white ideas, and if needed, remember to play Rf7. This line is the reason why so many people love the KID for black.

Teacher's library (93) E97 Gelfand Nakamura opening

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