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GM Petrov’s Attack the King! - Attack the King in the Center

Opening: C56:

Player(s): Morphy, NN

In this first video of the course, GM Marian shows us how to attack the enemy's King when it's not castled or, in other words, it's stuck in the center. While sometimes a GM can deliberately choose not to castle, because the position indicates that even losing a tempo to castle may result fatal, normally it's a good idea to castle as soon as possible and bring His Majesty to safety, behind the pawns' curtain. In the video, Marian uses a notorious game played by Paul Morphy against an amateur to show us what leaving the King exposed in the center of the board can lead to. And it's not a nice end for the poor Monarch! Don't miss to check the Learning Center, where you can solve quizzes and check annotated games to fix what you've learned watching this video!

Teacher's library (126) OFFICIAL COURSE 15 C56 Morphy NN game analysis

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