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GM Petrov’s Attack the King! - Attack on the h-file and back-rank mate

Opening: B79, D63:

Player(s): Schott, Cwiek, Bernstein, Capablanca

Attacking the castled King is not always easy. Three soldiers are defending their monarch, and the mighty rook sits there as well, just on the left of His Royal Majesty.
One thing the attacker must do is spotting which of the three pawns is least defended, or more vulnerable. Often, to weaken one of the three crucial pawns, the attacker needs to eliminate the defending pieces, even sacrificing part of his troops. Once you have created the weakness,  regroup your forces and launch a deadly attack on the opponent's King! Easy, isn't it? No, it's not. GM Marian Petrov, in this third video of his series on tactics, explains with his bright and easy-to-understand style what you need to know. Watch the video, and get back to solve the quizzes, so that you'll fix what you've just learned!

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Teacher's library (147) OFFICIAL COURSE 15 B79 D63 Schott Cwiek Bernstein Capablanca game analysis

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