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GM Petrov’s 20 Endings you must master - Video 1: Pawn endgames

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This video will see some of the basic but yet the most critical ideas in the pawn endgame.
You will learn what opposition is and how to use it in your favor. Also, we will find about a different kind of opposition.
To win, the king should always be in front of the pawn, and then it depends if the pawn is at 5th or 6th rank; sometimes, you can win even without opposition.
We will learn what the "mine" squares are and how to avoid them.
And finally, what is a triangle and how to pass the move to our opponent to retake the opposition.t know what we can do to win or save the game.
Finally, there are some positions where we can make the so-called fortress with less material and keep our king safe.

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