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GM Petrov’s 20 Endings you must master - Intro

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In this new video course, GM Marian Petrov shows you some of the most effective endgame techniques which any player must know. The endgame is the most crucial part of the game as it's the phase where the game is usually decided. You can have a great game and keep the edge all the time, and then you will reach a stage where to win the game or escape with a draw, you have to know the fundamental technicalities. We will start with the pawn endgames, where the thighs are not so simple as it often looks. You have to know about the opposition and how to use it in your favor, pass the move if needed, or take a break with your pawns and few other tricks. You have to learn to give mate with bishop and knight, which is not simple even for solid players, and with two bishops, which is a bit easier. Then it will be good to know when the rook can defeat a knight or bishop. The rook endgames are pretty possible in every game, so we have to know the basic tricks and important positions. Sometimes if we have an extra queen or rook or even a knight against a very advanced pawn and our king is away, we must know what we can do to win or save the game. Finally, there are some positions where we can make the so-called fortress with less material and keep our king safe.

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