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GM Petrov’s 10 Sharp Lines to become a Blitz Wizard - Vd7: the Traxler Counter attack

Opening: C57: Two Knights Defence


In this video, you will see one of the most exciting lines of the Italian game - two knights defense, the Traxler counter-attack. It was found at the end of the 19th century and was a dangerous weapon for black for a long time. It looks hazardous for black as he has to sac pieces to look for an attack from the start. White has a choice; he can take the material with 5.Nf7 or just take one pawn with Bf7. There is an exciting idea not to take but to play d4; in this case, black has to reply d5, and he is fine. After Bf7, black has a clear plan but can vary with the move order. In one of the lines, he has the very nice idea Bh3 with a dangerous attack. After Nf7, white can meet Bf2 with Kf1 or take the bishop. If he takes after Qh4, black should be fine in all the lines. Probably the best is Kf1, and then white has to know some very clever moves to get an advantage. Overall this is a deadly weapon for a blitz game as for white is tough to find the best lines, and he can quickly lose.

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