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GM Petrov’s 10 Sharp Lines to become a Blitz Wizard - Vd3: Smith-Morra Gambit

Opening: B20: Sicilian: Smith-Morra Gambit


In this video, GM Marian will show you an exciting line against the most popular opening: the Sicilian defense.
It is the Smith-Morra gambit, where White goes for 2.d4 and then 3.c3.
Of course, Black is not forced to take the pawn, but most of the time, he does.
But after taking, Black often has problems because not many players, even GMs, are well prepared for this opening.
White has various tricks and traps in most lines, and Black has to be very careful, which means he has to think more in blitz games.
You will see ideas in the deviations when Black goes for the e6-d6 setup. Also, when Black goes Nge7 and Ng6, White often has the Nd5 sac ideas.
And in the lines with g6, you can try some early pressure on f7.

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