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GM Petrov’s 10 Sharp Lines to become a Blitz Wizard - Vd2: King’s Gambit

Opening: C30: King's Gambit


In this video, we will take a look at one legendary opening.
This is the Kings gambit.  Nowadays, the King Gambit doesn't have an excellent reputation in classical chess, but in blitz, it is good because the lines are tricky for black.
If you learn the lines and play them in many games, you will also have experience, which is essential and can give you the edge in the quick games.
Black has many options, but we will take a look at the primary option after both 3.Bc4 or 3.Nf3
Most of the time, black meets Bc4 with Qh4, but after Kf1 for him, it is not simple to find an easy plan. As for white, it is straightforward; he just develops and takes control in the center.
After Nf3, black has to go for g5 at some moment, but this is not an easy decision if he is not prepared.
There are many forced lines in which black must know many moves to get a good position.
The most important thing is that you will enjoy it and have a good time with this opening.

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