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GM Petrov: Surprise Repertoire for Black after 1.e4 e5, 2.Nf3 - Video 7: Philidor 3…f5

Opening: C41: Philidor: Philidor counter-gambit


In this video, we will follow up on the Philidor defense. But this time, we will see the original idea of this opening to play 3....f5.
White has various options. If he decided just to develop with 4 Nc3 black can take fxe4, and then instead of going into some crazy complications with d5 Ne5, black can just play 5 ....Nf6 with a good game. If 4.exf5, then again, there are few options. The main line is e4, and here it's essential what white is doing. The best is Ng5, and then f3 and black have some problems.
If 4. dxe5 then fxe4, there are also significant complications here, but here black has an exciting idea later ....Bc5 and white have to know what to do.
And finally, there is also the Bc4 line which could also be played on the third move. There are also some sharp lines that could be dangerous, but an alternative 4...Nc6 leads to a safer game.
In general, this is a line worth studying.

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