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GM Misa Pap’s “Volga Benko Gambit” - Pushing c4

Opening: A57: Benko Gambit

Player(s): Pap, Markus, Stedlak, Stojanovic, Milanovic

In this video, GM Misa presents some examples of the optimal use of the c4 pawn push. We have already seen that very often, if not always, you need to use strategical and tactical motives to put maximum pressure on white.
With this particular c4 push, if appropriately done, white can have a lot of problems. Especially if it is followed by The knight jump on d3.
Sometimes, we use the c4 pawn push just to undermine or totally destroy (exchange) the white pawns on the Queenside (usually the a2-b3 duo), and, in that case, black obtains some pressure on the c file.
All in all, the c4 pawn push is dangerous for white, and of course, he will try to prevent it, block it. On the other hand, if you apply it successfully, it will bring you many sweet games, and points!

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Teacher's library (107) OFFICIAL COURSE 11 A57 Pap Markus Stedlak Stojanovic Milanovic opening

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