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GM Misa Pap’s “Make the Right Decisions in Critical Positions!” - Is it the Right Moment? #2

Opening: A57, A59:

Player(s): Pap, Lapcevic, Pavlovic

In video 2, GM Misa shows us examples where we can see how to make the right decisions in critical moments when attacking the opponent's Queenside. Like in video 1, GM Misa does not focus only on calculating variations (some other works focus on that), but instead on how to spot a critical moment and then strike precisely when you need it. Not too soon, and not too late! Attacking the Queenside of the board can be deceiving for your opponent, and if done correctly, may lead to great positional advantage. It is crucial to understand how essential it can be to attack the Queenside, then suddenly switch to the Kingside and leave your opponent without defense.

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Teacher's library (107) OFFICIAL COURSE 12 A57 A59 Pap Lapcevic Pavlovic midgame

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