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GM Misa Pap - The Importance of Small Tactics in Endgames - Vd 15: Attacking with opposite Bishops 2

Opening: D45, B22, B36, C92, D46: QGD; Semi-Slav 5.e3, Sicilian; Alapin Variation, Sicilian; Accelerated Fianchetto - Maroczy bind, Ruy Lopez; Closed - 9.h3

Player(s): Kotov, Botvinnik, Pap, Leskur, Sgircea, Karpov, Ivkov, Illescas

OK, you might ask, is this the second video on the same topic? Well, it is not the same. In this one, GM Misa presents positions with "pure" Bishop of the opposite color, without other pieces.
      So, what is there so interesting then, and what tactics? That is the point! Even in these endgames, you can use some ideas and hidden tactics en route to winning or at least try to trick your opponent into some equal position.
      Not to mention that knowledge of these endgames is part of your essential knowledge. Do you want to know why?
    For example, let's say you win a pawn in the middlegame and safely defend against your opponent's threats, but he somehow manages to force some exchanges and arrives in such a type of endgame. Such a scenario might be quite possible, that player who is down on material (a pawn or even two) would try to steer the game into an endgame with opposite color bishops because there he has higher chances to achieve a draw. At least in theory.
      So, there your knowledge should be used, even before reaching such an endgame, to be able to decide whether or not to allow such an endgame, depending, of course, on evaluation - can you win or not. And that is not all! When you arrive in a winning endgame like this, and you know it is winning - you still need to know how to win!
      Not to mention that this knowledge can also be used in reverse situations - when you need to defend "tooth and nail" and somehow save the draw.

Teacher's library (107) D45 B22 B36 C92 D46 Kotov Botvinnik Pap Leskur Sgircea Karpov Ivkov Illescas endgame

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