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GM Misa Pap - The Importance of Small Tactics in Endgames - Vd 12: Q+N Tandem

Opening: C07, C84, B90, C78: French; Tarrasch - Open Variation, Ruy Lopez - Closed Defence, Sicilian Najdorf, Ruy-Lopez: 5.0-0

Player(s): Tiviakov, Miedema, Motylev, Eljanov, Edouard Romain, Nepomniachtchi, Leko, Shirov

Well, here we are; this is a critical topic to master on your way to chess mastery. You might get additional wins and rating points if you can learn and handle tandems properly. Of course, the essential tandems you need to know are Bishop pair, Rook+Bishop, and Queen+Knight.  We might also talk about 2 Knights, which is not very often seen in practice, but those 2 Knights can also be very dangerous.       
In this video, GM Misa presents some nice examples of the Queen+Knight tandem domination over Queen+Bishop. If the situation is right, other tandems such as Q+B can also be very good, usually in some technical positions. But maybe Queen and Knight dominate positions are more interesting (including "jumpy" N) because you can often organize a direct attack on the opponent's king. Again, this is also an essential strategical tool you should adopt and master.

Teacher's library (107) C07 C84 B90 C78 Tiviakov Miedema Motylev Eljanov Edouard Romain Nepomniachtchi Leko Shirov endgame

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