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GM Misa Pap - Strategic Planning in Chess - Vd12: Mobile Center

Opening: A67: Benoni: Taimanov Variation

Player(s): Jakovenko, Nikolovski, Sokolov, Topalov, Ovod, Stellwagen, Sasikiran, Leon Hoyos

There are several such centers, where one side has constant threats of pushing his pawns, sometimes even sacrificing one for some initiative. For example, in some semi-Tarasch positions, Grunfeld, and many others.
In this video, GM Misa presents typical plans with a mobile center for white in Benoni with f4 because it shows very clearly how you can handle such types of positions.
So, the idea is to play energetically and overtake the initiative at the right moment. Usually, that is what you do with the mobile center. In this Benoni structure, the standard idea is to push e5, and when black takes, f5 comes with an attack. Sometimes even e5 and f5 at the same time, with maximum pressure!

Teacher's library (107) A67 Jakovenko Nikolovski Sokolov Topalov Ovod Stellwagen Sasikiran Leon Hoyos game analysis

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