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GM Misa Pap - Strategic Planning in Chess - Vd10: The Carlsbad Structure for White

Opening: D91, D36, D35: Grünfeld: Three Knights Variation, QGD; Exchange - positional line: 6.Qc2, QGD: Exchange Variation

Player(s): Petrosian, Krogius, Botvinnik, Larsen, Marshall, Rubinstein, Timman, Karpov

In the following 2 videos, I will be presenting plans and ideas in the famous and essential Carlsbad structure. In this video, plans for white, and in the next one plans for black.  Carlsbad structure got its name from the city of Carlsbad (nowadays Karlovy Vary - Czech Republic, on the border with Germany) during the famous Carlsbad tournament in 1923. several games were played in this structure.  White has several good plans at his disposal, where the famous "minority attack" is promising and used most often. Then, white can use a breakthrough in the center "a la Botvinnik" with preparation f3-e4 and going for pressure in the center and on the kingside. White also has an idea to try to attack the kingside, and he can do so by playing long or short castle.  So basically, 3 good plans for white and a lot of exciting play. Of course, black can do something too, but we will see black's best play in the following video.

Teacher's library (107) D91 D36 D35 Petrosian Krogius Botvinnik Larsen Marshall Rubinstein Timman Karpov game analysis

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