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GM Misa Pap - How to beat the Sicilian Sveshnikov - Video 7: 10.Bf6 Bf6 11.c4!?

Opening: B33: Sicilian Sveshnikov

Player(s): Caruana, Van Wely, Karjakin, Ponomariov, Trigubov, Nakamura, Le Quang Liem, Llaneza Vega, Kamsky, Ivanchuk

After mastering the Qa5 move, before moving on to the main c3 line, GM Misa in this video presents the interesting 11.c4 line. This is not the mainline, but it offers a safe idea, how you can play without much risk. This line will suit most those who do not like to learn too much theory and maybe prefer to play it safe. This will not offer you too much space for creativity, but it comes with a lower risk in exchange.

Teacher's library (107) B33 Caruana Van Wely Karjakin Ponomariov Trigubov Nakamura Le Quang Liem Llaneza Vega Kamsky Ivanchuk opening

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