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GM Misa Pap - How to beat the Sicilian Sveshnikov - Video 6: 9…Qa5?!

Opening: B33: Sicilian Sveshnikov

Player(s): Sjugirov, Khakimov, Korneev, Sig Vargas, Nevednichy, Croeene, Etchegaray, Mista, Markovic, Leko, San Segundo Carrillo

We have seen how to attack with the Nd5 line, and I hope that you liked it. Now, we are moving on. In the next section of this series, I will present a few videos on Bg5 and Nd5. It is also useful if, against the Laburdonais - Kalashnikov move order (early e5 move without Nf6), you don't like to use the c4 move, and you prefer to play N1c3. Then, black can transpose back to the Sveshnikov/Lasker, with the move Nf6. In such a move order, you can't use the Nd5 line or the Bf6 gf6 line. In this particular video, we will see how to handle the Qa5 move, which is not optimal for black, but only with precise play you can obtain a nice advantage.

Teacher's library (107) B33 Sjugirov Khakimov Korneev Sig Vargas Nevednichy Croeene Etchegaray Mista Markovic Leko San Segundo Carrillo opening

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