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GM Misa Pap - How to beat the Sicilian Sveshnikov - Video 13: Ra7

Opening: B33: Sicilian Sveshnikov

Player(s): Anand, Leko, Vallejo Pons, Nigalidze, Wunderlich, Ruggeri Laderchi, Kempen, Arduman, De Firmian, Johannessen

Here you have the final video of this series, with the Ra7 subline. My recommendation here is to play a4, which is also the best move according to the chess engines. In this line, it is not easy to fight for advantage, and I will show you some examples that the best try for white is probably an idea with Ra6-e6 exchange sacrifice, with adequate compensation in the endgame. In such an endgame, white has good practical chances, and black has to be careful. If black doesn't push f4 and force you to play Re6, white can react with Qa4! It seems like white has some edge in that line. Also, that is backed up with some examples with explanations. That's it, and I hope that I did a decent job with this series, and I would be satisfied if you won some games with some ideas from this series. Good luck!

Teacher's library (99) B33 Anand Leko Vallejo Pons Nigalidze Wunderlich Ruggeri Laderchi Kempen Arduman De Firmian Johannessen opening

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