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GM Davorin Kuljasevic - The Importance of Modern Middlegame Tabiyas - Video 1

Opening: C54: Giuoco Piano

Player(s): Lu, Ding, Anton Guijarro, Duda, Carlsen, Firouzja, Nepomniachtchi, Bologan, Karjakin

The Italian game(Giuoco Piano)is a very popular opening on all levels. For chess professionals, it is a safe haven from forcing variations of the Ruy Lopez. For club players, it is often a sound and solid opening scheme that can provide the basis for a long-term opening repertoire. However, the ability to play both the opening and the middlegame in the Italian game well depends largely on our understanding of the typical strategic ideas. This opening is full of move order transpositions and subtleties and features a variety of typical central structures and plans that have a strong impact on the arising middlegames and even endgames. It is, therefore, best to study this opening as a collection of tabiyas or typical middlegame positions. In this video, we will explore five typical middlegames that can arise from this opening. As already noted in the introductory video, I will present the material in the form of model games. Download HERE the PGN file with the games.

Teacher's library (36) C54 Lu Ding Anton Guijarro Duda Carlsen Firouzja Nepomniachtchi Bologan Karjakin midgame

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