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GM Davorin Kuljasevic - Pawns are the Soul of Chess - Video 8

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Video 8: Coiled Spring – when pawns show their spikes

In the previous chapter, we discussed the pawn center: its importance, its strengths, and its potential weaknesses. We saw that even the strongest-looking pawn center could be vulnerable to attacks by the opponent’s more passively placed pawns. In this chapter, we will take the opposing side and examine how one can create a strategy that allows one to maximize the opportunities for such ‘guerilla’ attacks on the opponent’s pawn center. We can call this strategy the ‘coiled spring’.

The idea behind the coiled spring is that it allows us to: a) mobilize our pieces while avoiding direct encounters with the opponent’s army in the center and b) strike at the opponent’s center with our pawns at the opportune moment. This strike usually releases a huge amount of latent potential energy, transforming it into the kinetic energy of our pieces.

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