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GM Davorin Kuljasevic - Pawns are the Soul of Chess - Video 5

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Video 5 - Power of a Passed Pawn

Passed pawns are coveted because of their potential to be promoted to a stronger piece. The value of a passed pawn increases exponentially as

1. the pawn gets closer to the promotion square and
2. as more of the opponent’s pieces are traded off.

This is particularly obvious in the endgame, when fewer pieces are on the board, and a passed pawn can become the game’s focal point. In the middlegame, the promotion threat is more implicit than in the middlegame, but it is often strong enough to force the opponent into putting extra resources into containing a dangerously advanced pawn. Moreover, an advanced passed pawn can cut through the opponent’s position like a knife, leaving his forces uncoordinated or disconnected from each other. This is particularly true of a central passed pawn.

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