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FM Charles Storey’s “Super Human Chess Engine” - CCTV 2.0

Opening: A00:

Player(s): Storey, Summerscale

Once the pieces come into combat and there are tactics and calculations needed, as the Mantra - although an excellent guide - will not be entirely accurate for tactics, we must now have a simple "order of priority" for examining different types of threats; the simplest way is to classify them in order of danger: 
1 - Search for Checks and examine
2 - Check for Captures and examine
3 - Search for Threats and examine
4 - Search for Vulnerabilities and examine
This is the acronym CCTV, and FM Charlie Storey is going to explain you how to use this fantastic technique to keep building your Super Human Chess Engine!

Teacher's library (57) OFFICIAL COURSE 13 A00 Storey Summerscale game analysis

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