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FM Charles Storey’s “Positional Chess Skills” - Threempo!

Opening: A46, A33: Queen's pawn game, English - Symmetrical

Player(s): Andersson, Sax, Hracek

All you need is a small plan with a tempo.
Yes, a tempo to allow your pieces to increase their color-coding.
Color-coding is the key here: it's a fantastic way to decide on which kind of small plan to go.
How can you ensure that your plan involves a color-coding tempo?
FM Storey calls this particular tempo a Threempo because the small plan should gain a tempo within three moves.
Therefore, among the thousands of mini-plans you can see in a given position, always choose those that give you a tempo!
Get proficient in playing your thrempo plans, and you'll see your game improving dramatically.
In this seventh video of his series, FM Charlie explains how to see, perform, and take advantage of thrempos, by using two games of his inspirational guru: Ulf Andersson.

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Teacher's library (57) OFFICIAL COURSE 13 A46 A33 Andersson Sax Hracek game analysis

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