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FIDE Candidates 2016 - Video Recap Round 8

Opening: C65: Ruy Lopez: Berlin defense

Player(s): Caruana, Nakamura

GM Joel Benjamin recaps Round 8. Again only one decisive game in Round 8. Aronian-Giri was a quiet draw, with Giri drawing his eighth game in a row, And Aronian maintaining the lead. Anand-Topalov finished in a draw too. Anand seemed to have a slight edge, but there was no way for the Indian chess genius to break through, and he had to settle for a draw. Topalov, whose tournament has been horrible so far, managed to draw a game, which may help his morale. He can't win the event, of course, but for sure Veselin is able to play better chess. Svidler-Karjakin was a very interesting game. Svidler, once again, had the advantage, but could not capitalize it, and Karjakin defended with nails and teeth not to lose the leadership he continues to share with Aronian, after this hard-earned draw. Caruana and Nakamura played an enthralling game. Caruana castled long in a Berlin Defense, and the players started attacking full force, almost splitting the board in two. Nakamura pushed his pawns deep into Caruana's defensive field, but in doing so, he left his kingside without the needed protection. Caruana organized his attack coordinating very well two rooks, Queen and a knight, leaving his fellow countryman hopeless after Nakamura's attempts to defend his position. Caruana with this important win keeps up with the leaders, being only half a point behind now, whereas Nakamura, again at -2, unfortunately is not anymore among the players who can still grab the seat in front of the World Champion in November, to play for the title. tomorrow Round 9: Topalov-Svidler, Anand-Aronian, Giri-Caruana and Nakamura-Karjakin. Play starts at 8AM EDT, 12 noon GMT, 13:00 CET, and 14:00 local time in Moscow.

Teacher's library (453) C65 Caruana Nakamura recap

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FIDE Candidates 2016 - Video Recap Round 8

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