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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Typical mistakes in early middlegame - Part 1

Opening: E18, A07:

Player(s): Aronian, Rapport, Nakamura, Bacrot

There's a number of ways your game can go wrong, and among them a very common one is the failure to connect the opening with the middlegame.
 Abandoning your king to the mercy of overwhelming forces is the worst of them. In Aronian-Rapport presented in Video #1 Richard badly misplayed his Queens Indian. On move 13 he could have given up a pawn for no compensation at all, just some practical chances to escape to a draw in some rook endgame. Instead, he took his queen away fro the K-side and paid the ultimate price. Similar fate awaited Bacrot when he failed to centralize his queen against Nakamura.

Teacher's library (655) E18 A07 Aronian Rapport Nakamura Bacrot midgame

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