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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Revolution Revisited - Part 19

Opening: E04: Catalan

Player(s): Nakamura, Lenderman, Shabalov, Vioreanu, Mamedyarov, Beliavsky

Interesting title. Garry must be referring to the plight of White, who keeps running in circles trying to find breach in what has universally been accepted as Black's most solid opening choice, and has been adopted by the best players of our time. The latest trend is to employ the Catalan setup, which basically means sacrificing the c4-pawn. Alex Shabalov couldn't care less, he just wants to push e4-e5, bring his pieces to the K-side and checkmate Black. One of his more successful efforts is here, but in the notes I list possible improvements for Black. Nakamura and Mamedyrov advocate the b2-b3 plan to clear out some room for a Q-side pressure. It is more of a long-term concept, which, I'm sure, will be further tested in the future.

Teacher's library (682) E04 Nakamura Lenderman Shabalov Vioreanu Mamedyarov Beliavsky game analysis

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