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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Revolution Revisited - Part 15

Opening: C78: Ruy Lopez

Player(s): Svidler, Topalov, Shirov, Caruana, Onischuk

In its modern interpretation, the Arkhangelsk is played without the early Bc8-b7. Maybe it shouldn't be called the Arkhangelsk then, and indeed I have seen the name Moeller variation attached to it. Semantics aside, the biggest problem for Black lies in the highly developed lines where White's early a2-a4 forces him to sac the pawn b5. Possibly Black has enough compensation, as he certainly makes his share of draws in that line, but some players just don't care for that kind of play. For them, the alternative is to play 5...Bc5 immediately. White, in his stead, can try to flip the script by retreating his bishop to c2 after Black pushes b7-b5 one move later. Then Black can follow the path paved by then Ukranian, and now already for many years, American GM Alexander Onischuk. Let's brush up on that

Teacher's library (692) C78 Svidler Topalov Shirov Caruana Onischuk opening

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