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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Kramnik and the Modern Reti - Part 1

Opening: A07: Reti, King's Indian Attack

Player(s): Yermolinsky, Ehlvest, Kramnik, Vachier-Lagrave

Throughout his career Former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik has been known for his deep opening preparation. With White Kramnik came up as a 1.Nf3 player, but in truth it was just the move order designed to avoid some openings (The Benko, the Benoni etc.) the young Kramnik found annoying to face. In reality, Vladimir was 1.d4 player of a classical mold. Just look at his handling of the White side of the Kings Indian and the Grunfeld, and you will see a full-fledged strategy of occupying the center with pawns. The passage of time brought another change. Kramnik returned to his old flame, 1.Nf3, but this time he's not doing it just for the move order purposes. Suddenly, it's the full-fledged Reti and even the Kings Indian Attack! 
In Video #1 I focus on the near symmetrical pawn structure that often appears when Black plays his bishop to g4. Kramnik won a model game against Maxime Vachier-Lagrave in the 2015 Gashimov Memorial. Comparing this positional gem with my own effort it is clear that in the game against Ehlvest I wasn't able to take control of the Q-side, and this is why White's ambition remained unfulfilled.

Teacher's library (627) A07 Yermolinsky Ehlvest Kramnik Vachier-Lagrave opening

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