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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Build you opening repertoire - Part 19

Opening: D37: QGD


Video #6 The key issue in the structure appearing after White's move c4-c5 is the need to preserve the strong Bf4, the piece that fights against Black's natural break e6-e5 and extends its influence all the way to the b8-square, making the potential opening of the b-file White's main strategic goal. The little move h2-h3 therefore often becomes an integral part of White's setup. Question is, can Black hit the bishop before it happens? In this video we're looking at 7...Nh5 as the immediate answer to White's c4-c5. While I have already touched the issue of a pawn structure change following the e3xf4 recapture, in this case the position remains closed, making it more difficult for White to develop his play. Another great Anand win in the Bf4 QGD, this time against Nakamura, provides a blueprint of the campaign. The move Ne5 poses an interesting problem: which piece should Black capture that knight with? Compared with Anand's and Andreikin' games my own effort against IM Adler looks uninspiring. I guess, I had to play Nf3-e5 a bit earlier. 

Teacher's library (655) D37 opening

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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows: Build you opening repertoire - Part 19

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