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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - Bishop vs. Pawns - Part 3

Opening: C48, D02, C41, D86, E74, A29, D15:

Player(s): Ewue, Baay, Horvath, Zimmerman, Martorelli, Molina, Yermolinsky, Uhlmann, Popczynski, Markiewicz, Gelfand, Inarkiev, Aronian

The last two videos deal with particular situations where the side with the bishop only has a seemingly useless rook pawn with a wrong color promotion square. The attacker's task seems impossible, but sometimes he can take advantage of using the defender's extra pawns to create a stalemate situation.

Such endgames are notoriously difficult to play. The defender's king will be forced out of the safe corner, and then the pawns can be taken, but the attacker must exercise great care in not letting the king return.

Teacher's library (627) C48 D02 C41 D86 E74 A29 D15 Ewue Baay Horvath Zimmerman Martorelli Molina Yermolinsky Uhlmann Popczynski Markiewicz Gelfand Inarkiev Aronian endgame

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