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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - Bishop vs. Pawns - Part 2

Opening: :

Player(s): Kaya, So, Tiraturyan, Petrosyan, Baghri, Zaragatski, Lyell, Galyas, Szabo, Blasko

How does the side with the Bishop defeats the opponent? Obviously, the task is to prevent him from trading all your pawns, and it's best accomplished by forcing the opponent's pawns to the squares of opposite color, so the bishop can set up a blockade. Bishop's ability to play waiting moves then comes into play to set up a decisive Zugzwang. In order to fight against such a plan, the defender must look for an opportunity to break through, create a passer and deflect the bishop from the protection of its last pawn. In standard 2 pawns versus Bishop and one pawn situations, the attacker's king must hurry to come around from the other side of the pawns, as seen in the examples given.

Teacher's library (718) Kaya So Tiraturyan Petrosyan Baghri Zaragatski Lyell Galyas Szabo Blasko endgame

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