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Every Russian Schoolboy Knows - Bishop vs. Pawns - Part 1

Opening: A46, D02, B51,, D85:

Player(s): Salamanca, Larsen, Andreikin, Zhou, Yermolinsky, Rogelio, Topalov, Shirov

Rather a rare bird in both theoretical research and practical application, the bishop versus pawns endgames are not easy to evaluate. Everything depends on an exact calculation, and there are a precious few basic positions one can rely upon. This two-video series attempts to develop some general guidelines that can be applied to such endgames. The first video deals with situations where the side with the pawns is playing for a win. a) the side with the pawns must try to limit the power of the bishop by keeping his pawns on the same color squares. b) in the final stages it is important to bring the king in touch with the square your post advanced passed pawn needs to clear before queening, which ties down the opponent's pieces and allow the attacker to move his passer on the other side of board forward. c) the bishop is notoriously difficult to Zugzwang, but sometimes it's is possible when it has to look out for threats on two diagonals.

Teacher's library (700) A46 D02 B51 D85 Salamanca Larsen Andreikin Zhou Yermolinsky Rogelio Topalov Shirov endgame

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