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Charles Storey’s “Positional Chess Skills” - Prophylaxis

Opening: E19: Queen's Indian - Old Main line 9.Qxc3

Player(s): Andresson, Larsen, Rozentalis

What is Prophylaxis? Let's not get confused by this word: it means "preventing.". Now, you have already understood that FM Storey is here to destroy all our chess concepts and make us better players by having us think outside the box. Preventing, according to Charlie's philosophy, is another "last resort," when we talk about positional chess. Sounds odd? No worries! There are reasons for FM Storey affirms such a thing. In reality, it's BALANCING that counts; balancing between increasing the color-coding of your pieces, and preventing your opponent's pieces from enhancing their color-coding. In this video, which is going to have you think and rethink what you already know about chess, Charlie guides you through a couple of games from his "inspirational muse" Ulf Andersson, to show that preventing is not always the only thing to do!

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Teacher's library (57) E19 Andresson Larsen Rozentalis game analysis

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