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Charles Storey’s “Positional Chess Skills” - Aiming for an Ending

Opening: A49: King's Indian: Fianchetto without c4 (1 d4 Nf6 2 Nf3 g6 3 g3)

Player(s): Andersson, Heimerdinger, Geenen

In the final chapter of his series on Positional Skills, FM Storey starts - incredibly enough - stating something "normal."
The best thing you can do when playing as White is to get a slight advantage in the opening, then transform it into a positional advantage in the middlegame - while simultaneously stopping any counterplay. And finally having a superior endgame, in which you can keep cranking up the pressure and win the game. 
Sound easy, doesn't it?
Too bad, we all know it isn't at all!
But if you have followed Charlie's lessons on positional skills, you know by now that you can just do this, and make your chess experience as pleasant as it gets.
Aiming for an ending in which you have a superior position, is what you should try to do when playing White.
In this video, Charlie is going to show you how to achieve that essential transition from middlegame to endgame, without rushing things up, risking to give up on your positional advantage.

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Teacher's library (57) A49 Andersson Heimerdinger Geenen

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