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Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 7 - Positional Piece Sacrifice

Opening: B22, C02, B82: Sicilian: Alapin, French: advance variation, Sicilian: Scheveningen

Player(s): Pap, Minko, Papadopoulos, Buljovcic, Tal, Larsen

We all know what it means to sacrifice material in chess, or in this case, a piece (usually it is a minor piece). But a very nice explanation was given by Rudolf Spielman in his famous book "Theory of sacrifice," where he said that there are pseudo-sacrifices with one side sacrificing only temporarily, and then by force gets that material back, or mates. And then, there are "real sacrifices," or how I call them, positional sacrifices, where one side really sacrifices material for an attack, positional pressure, or some other strategical gains. In this video, GM Misa presents some examples of positional piece sacrifices. How can you use this in your own games and how to spot such an idea? You need to gather experience and trust your intuition because, in this case, it is not possible to calculate until the end. It is also essential to be a strong tactician and have a "nose" for such ideas.

Teacher's library (107) B22 C02 B82 Pap Minko Papadopoulos Buljovcic Tal Larsen game analysis

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