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Champions’ Extraordinary Winning Ideas - Video 14 - Tandem 2 (Q+N vs. Q+B)

Opening: C95, C07, C84, D37, B19, E48 : Ruy Lopez: Closed - Breyer, French: Tarrasch, Ruy Lopez: Closed, QGD, Caro-Kann, Nimzo-Indian

Player(s): Anand, Piket, Adams, Kosintseva, Tiviakov, Miedema, Motylev, Elanjov, Sjugirov, Jojua, Ljubojevic, Karpov, Tregubv, Harikrishna,

Queen + Knight should be slightly more preferable, but of course, not always. Queen and Knight like to attack the opponent's king, especially when the Knight has excellent outposts. Again, the key is in the pawn structure. For example, if the side with a Bishop has a safe king and has passed pawns on both wings, the Knight will have problems because it likes to play on one side. The side which has a significant advantage can also benefit from the exchange of Queens. If not, it is not so easy to win. Queen and Knight can be very tricky. Even in some equal or equal looking positions, this tandem can give the opponent a headache after some slight mistake, which you might see in this video in a few examples. So, be very careful if you play against this powerful tandem!

Teacher's library (107) C95 C07 C84 D37 B19 E48 Anand Piket Adams Kosintseva Tiviakov Miedema Motylev Elanjov Sjugirov Jojua Ljubojevic Karpov Tregubv Harikrishna endgame

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