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Attack with LarryC:Larry’s tribute to Viktor Korchnoi

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Player(s): Korchnoi

Viktor Korchnoi passed away, at age 85, June the 6th, 2016. GM Larry Christiansen, who knew the great old player personally, decided to pay tribute in today's show. Korchnoi needs no introduction. He is one of the greatest players of all time, and one of the very few able to stay strong well into his 70's. His incredible competitiveness has contributed in building Korchnoi's fame of being cantankerous, aggressive, not your best friend, especially when he lost a game. He was nicknamed "Viktor the Terrible" for a reason. But he was also able to be a gentleman, a true sport, as Larry recounts in this show, taking us back in 1983 at the US Open, where the nice anecdote Larry tells us took place. It would be virtually impossible to show all the hundreds of brilliant games Korchnoi played in his amazingly long career; Larry selects for us some of the best games and clips to demonstrate once more the true greatness of this giant of our game.

Korchnoi game analysis

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Attack with LarryC:Larry’s tribute to Viktor Korchnoi

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