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Attack with LarryC: The Queen as HomeWrecker - Sacs on f7, g7 and h7

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The last few episodes of Attack with LarryC illustrated the stock bishop and rook sacs, which are part of the tactical knowledge that any serious player should learn. In this new episode, Larry moves on to show us some amazing Queen sacrifice. What's best than sacrificing one's Queen to win right on the spot? Any player dreams about getting a chance to actually give away their queen to enter a totally won position. But Larry is not going to show us the super-famous Queen sacs, which everyone has seen many times. No, Larry's going to use less famous examples, yet fantastic combinations with the sac of the most valuable piece on the board. Larry starts from the simplest combo to then guide us through more complicated situations. Enjoy another great show by our tactician GM Larry Christiansen!

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Attack with LarryC: The Queen as HomeWrecker - Sacs on f7, g7 and h7

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