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Attack with LarryC: A tribute to Walter Shawn Browne

Opening: B80, A10: Sicilian: Scheveningen, English opening

Player(s): Browne, Christiansen, Wojtkiewicz

Larry Christiansen was a friend of the late Walter Shawn Browne, who prematurely passed away on June, 24 2015. In this episode of his acclaimed show, Larry pays a moving tribute to the great Browne, going through fond memories and funny anectodes. Then GM Christiansen shows us two brilliancies played by Browne, one of which against Larry, who found himself on the receiving side of a tactical storm(!) at one of the six U.S. Championships won by Browne. In a way a sad episode of "Attack With LarryC!", but as Larry says: "the chess world is poorer now without Walter, but his games will live on".

Teacher's library (515) B80 A10 Browne Christiansen Wojtkiewicz game analysis

This is a 5 minute preview.

Attack with LarryC: A tribute to Walter Shawn Browne

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