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4th FIDE GP 2015 - Round 8

Opening: D00: Queen's Pawn Game

Player(s): Jobava, Nakamura

GM Lars Bo Hansen recaps Round 8. Misteries of Caissa. The original chess theoretician Baadur Jobava - who can take everyone off-guard with his amazing opening repertoire - plays a rather rare variation of an unusual opening, then struggles holding his own soul by the teeth, only to voluntarily enter a theoretical lost endgame. Nakamura, who seemed to have blown away a won game earlier, didn't miss the chance, and won his second game in a row. Caruana had a bad day playing rather badly and lost to Jakovenko. So did Karjakin, losing to Grischuk. Tiredness and pressure are playing a role after 7 rounds, as a number of blunders and bad moves were played today. Gelfand won with Svidler in the "old guys" match of the day. Dominguez managed to draw his game against Tomashevsky, and now the Cuban shares first with the two Americans, Nakamura and Caruana. Entering the second rest day, and with three rounds to go, 8 players are grouped in just one point, making the final stage of the FIDE Grand Prix extremely interesting. Standings after 7 rounds: 1-3 with 5 points: Nakamura, Domingues and Caruana; 4-6 with 4.5 Gelfand, Jakovenko and Karjakin; 7-8 with 4 points Svidler and Grischuk.

Teacher's library (50) D00 Jobava Nakamura recap

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