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3rd Sinquefield Cup - Round 1 recap

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GM Alex Yermolinsky recaps Round 1. What a first round! Five decisive games characterized the opening round of the Sinquefield Cup. ICC's commentator and writer Mig Greengard posted a tweet that - in a funny way - highlights today's round: "The last time a day of chess was so decisive was when Gaddafi had all the first round Tripoli FIDE KO losers beheaded." Topalov's 7...g5! discombobulated the World Champion, giving the 40-year-old Bulgarian top GM the opportunity to win this important game. Magnus Carlsen said, during the press conference: "I was trying to play a solid line today, but then he played g5." Aronian, with the glorious move 25. Ne4!! put Caruana in serious trouble, and went on to win the game. Nakamura, who now is #3 in the Live rating list, beat Anand and thus commented after the game: "Vishy is not so young; I noticed that he lost long games where he was slightly worse...". Giri won his game with Grischuk, who as usual managed to get in horrible time trouble, and MVL beat an unrecognizable Wesley So. Lots of emotions and great entertainment. ICC members enjoyed the excellent commentary by GMs John Fedorowicz and Alex Yermolinsky.

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3rd Sinquefield Cup - Round 1 recap

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