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Links :: Chess Online Instruction and Online Magazines

  • 50 Chess Games for Beginners - Description: An animated chess tutorial program for new players.
  • Basic Rules of Chess
  • Chess Academy - Indian Chess Academy - Chess Training, Games of Great Masters, Lessons in Attack, Practical Endings, Combination, Annotated Games
  • Chess Corner - The leading website for newcomers and enthusiasts to the game, featuring tutorials, puzzles, forums, the learn to play chess Ebook, etc.
  • Chess Database - This chess database (containing 37,000,000 chess positions out of 500,000 games and 700,000 computer analyses) annotates your chess game or position with reference games, sorted by strength of players.
  • The Chess Drum - To champion the success of Black chess players around the world, to serve as a vehicle for fostering a greater sense of community, and to facilitate the sharing ideas and knowledge.
  • Chess Learning Center - The Chess Learning Center provides a academically based chess learning program in a supportive, relaxed environment for developing chess players. Lessons are also offered for teachers, parents and chess coaches.
  • Chess Siberia - news, openings, games with the comments, articles, reviews, music and chess, chess and fiction, the best player and game of month, books, software.
  • Chess Trophies & Awards - Crown Awards & Trophies is America's leading manufacturer of trophies, awards, medals, plaques and pins. We work with many of the country's local sports and youth organizations.
  • Chess Visualisation Training - Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation. It's FREE!

  • Chess-Poster - Chess Poster, Games, Play Chess, World Champions, Chess Glossary, Chess Problems, Openings, Chess Rules, more...
  • Chess Strategy - Free lessons on chess strategy.
  • - Are you a geek? Are you a chess geek? Then this site is for you. Chess puzzles, information and links.
  • chessKIDS academy - Online interactive chess lessons and quizzes for kids.
  • - A star line-up of twelve of the world`s leading authors demonstrate the latest opening theory each month. Thousands of annotated games and over 60 downloadable opening eBooks, updated monthly.
  • Educational Chess - Educational Chess offers chess lessons and chess art products, and chess learning and chess playing resources for the creative thinker.
  • Fast Internet search, analysis of 2 million best chess game database - Fast Java-based interactive search and analysis of two million chess games database (1485 - present) Move chess pieces, search and analyze by position. Database updated weekly.
  • Grandmaster Chess School - News and comments from the top events; chess instruction; Chess Enquiry Office; games' collection.

  • Grandmaster Corner - Grandmaster Chess games in Java Viewer, PGN files for download. Cool chess links. Chess training. Meet GMs on-line, have them analyze your games. Chess books and software.
  • The Great Pawn Hunter - Learn the concepts behind the chess moves.
  • A Personal Chess History - by IM Mark Ginsburg.
  • Online Chess and Variant Database - is a free online chess and variant database with features like an opening explorer, extensive search, personal pages and much more.
  • Practical Chess Endgame + Computer Analysis - Weekly endgame position or study to solve or find the best continuation. Solution and analysis presented each week.
  • solve chess puzzles - learn chess by solving chess puzzles and real positions. I recommend this resource as a second chess book, after you learned the rules.
  • Tigerchess - GM Nigel Davies offers chess coaching by phone to anyone in the World.
  • UTD Chess Program of the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) - The goal of the University is to produce highly educated graduates who can compete in the work force of the 21st century - chess is part of the program.
  • VCO - Virtual Chess Openings The ultimate site for chess openings! An online encyclopedia of most every known chess opening featuring best moves, discussion boards, discount bookstore, articles and biographies.
  • The Week in Chess - The number one weekly online source of chess news by Mark Crowther.
  • WGM Martha Fierro - The official website of Martha Fierro (chess teacher)
  • The Chess Website - Site dedicated to teaching chess players everything from the basics and opening theory to in depth analysis of the middle and end game. The easiest place to learn and improve your chess game.
  • Chess Training School - All Training programs include: software, opening repertoires, and recorded video sessions for desktop and your iphone!
  • Professor de Xadrez - Since national and international news, articles by copyright, custom teaching materials and exercises for chess. On the site you will also find coverage of the main school tournaments, results and photos.

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