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VII Internet Chess Tournament 'Ciudad de Dos Hermanas'
ICC news 1844
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For the seventh year running the VII internet Chess Tournament "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas" is being held on the Internet Chess Club playing zone ( This event is clearly one of the most important Internet chess tournaments in the world, regarding both the number and the level of the participants. Up to the moment, 1.696 participants have registered, and each day more players are coming in. Already qualified for the finals are the GM's Hikaru Nakamura (USA) and Pavel Eljanov (Ukraine), and the more than probable qualification of the young star GM Magnus Carlsen as best second.

The total prize fund is 6.100 euros, with a first prize of 1.800 euros. In addition, the first six non GM-IM players classified will receive a free 6-months subscription to ICC, and twelve free 6 month free membership prizes will be raffled between all participants in the event who finish at least one qualifier.

As in previous editions, the playing system is as follows: twelve 12-round Swiss qualifiers using the Fischer System playing rate: 4 minutes + 1 seconds. Qualifiers are held twice a day from March 17th to 22nd. March 23rd is a rest day and the finals are held on March 24th and 25th. The 12 qualifier winners plus the 20 best scores qualify to the 32 KO final. Registration for the last six qualifiers is still open. Complete standings, game file, PGN game files and other interesting information can be found at the Dos Hermanas web site

Prize winners

Here are the prize winners. Note that player norival was disqualified for rules violations, and everyone of his opponents moved up one round.

1st FabsiD            GM Fabian Doettling(DEU)     EUR 1,800
2nd  Oligarkh         GM Baadur Jobava(ESP)        EUR   900
3rd/4th bxz           GM Bu Xiangzhi(CHN)          EUR   600
3rd/4th TINTIRITO     GM Petrosian Tigran L.(ARM)  EUR   600
5th-8th B-Savchenko   IM Boris Savchenko(RUS)      EUR   250
5th-8th sunshine      GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly(IND) EUR   250
5th-8th Magnus        GM Magnus Carlsen(NOR)       EUR   250
5th-8th chaozz        GM Sergei Movsesian(CZE)     EUR   250
9th-16th Talion       GM Gata Kamsky(USA)          EUR   150
9th-16th gorato       GM Goran Todorovic(SCG)      EUR   150
9th-16th Gela         GM Tamaz Gelashvili(GEO)     EUR   150
9th-16th Smallville   GM Hikaru Nakamura(USA)      EUR   150
9th-16th Petrushka18  GM Eljanov Pavel(UKR)        EUR   150
9th-16th scodaoctavia GM Pawel Jaracz(POL)         EUR   150
9th-16th DJShrek      GM Zviad Izoria(GEO)         EUR   150
9th-16th zpx          GM Zhang Pengxiang(CHN)      EUR   150

Best non-GM/IM players in the tourney -- win 6 months ICC extensions:

olimpus -- Finalist
Panaman -- Finalist
MidnightRider -- 9.5 points / Opponents 2755 YaacovN -- 9.5 points / Opponents 2718 SEAO -- 9.5 points / Opponents 2588 DrFritz -- 9.5 points / Opponents 2560

Raffle prize winners -- win 6 months ICC extensions:

  • mezfchess06
  • MisterMagoo
  • gagomez
  • elfrancoal
  • Meloku
  • Institutas
  • dragonmutt
  • action
  • cifuentes
  • vallon2
  • Thiela
  • EGK

    32-player Knockout Finals