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Chess Clubs Worldwide :: Sweden

Club:           Bollnäs SS

City, Country:  Bollnäs, Sweden

Address:        Fritidslokalen

Contact:        Kjell Eriksson

Meeting Times:  Tisdagar


Club: Väddö Schack Sällskap City, Country: Elmsta, Sweden Address: Fritidsgården Draget mitt i byn! Contact: Meeting Times: måndagar 18.00-23.00 Comments: turneringar,blixtspel,undervisning
Club: Farsta SK City, Country: Stockholm, Sweden Address: Rågsveds Folkets Hus. Contact: Meeting Times: torsdagar 18.30-23.00 Comments:
Club: Lessebo schackklubb City, Country: Lessebo, Sweden Address: Folkets Hus, Storgata Contact: Meeting Times: Wednesday Comments:
Club: Upsala Allmänna Schacksällskap City, Country: Uppsala, Sweden Address: Götgatan 17A Contact:, Meeting Times: in Tuesdays Comments:
Club: SK Laxen City, Country: Mörrum, Sweden Address: Jeppahalla 15 A nb. Contact: Mikael Kastell Meeting Times: Mondays 19.00-23.00 Comments:
Club: Solna Schacksällskap City, Country: Solna, Sweden Address: Emmylundsvägen 10-12, Granbackaskolans matsal. T-bana Västra Skögen Contact: Meeting Times: Torsdag 18.30- Comments: Välkommen!
Club: Nynäshamn Schackklubb City, Country: Nynäshamn, Sweden Address: Nynäsvägen 7, 149 50 Nynäshamn Contact: Meeting Times: Seniorer: tisdagar kl 19:00, Knattar: måndagar 16:00 Comments: Välkommen!
Club: Majornas Schacksällskap City, Country: Gothenburg, Sweden Address: Kennedygatan 1 Contact: Meeting Times: Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm Comments:
Club: Örebro Schacksällskap City, Country: Örebro, Sweden Address: Contact: Meeting Times: Comments: Host of the Swedish Championship 1-16 of July. Follow it on the web page!
Club: SK Rockaden, Umeå City, Country: Umeå, Sweden Address: Föreningslokalerna Mariehemsvägen Contact: 090-139626 Meeting Times: Mondays 18:30 Comments:
Club: Västerås Östra Schackklubb City, Country: Västerås, Sweden Address: Källgatan 9 A, 722 11 Västerås Contact: Meeting Times: Klubblokalen, måndagar 18.30-20.00, torsdagar 18.30-21.00 Comments: blixt & träningar
Club: SK Rockaden,Stockholm City, Country: Stockholm, Sweden Address: Hagerstensasens medborgarhus Contact: club tel.6455083 Meeting Times: fridays 7.00 p.m-11.00 p.m Comments:
Club: Malungs Chess Clubb City, Country: Maluntg, Sweden Address: Lisagatan Contact: l-g Meeting Times: 7 at wendsday Comments:
Club: Ockelbo SK City, Country: Ockelbo, Sweden Address: Södra Åsgatan, Cafe Soluret Contact: Meeting Times: Mondays 18.00 Comments: Web-address:
Club: SS Lulea City, Country: Lulea, Sweden Address: Laboratoriegränd 11 Contact: Meeting Times: Tuesday 18.00- Thursday 18.00 Comments: Clubplay at Tuesday and Juniorchess at Thursday
Club: Karlstads Allmänna Schacksällskap City, Country: Karlstad, Sweden Address: Sundbergsgatan 12A Contact: Meeting Times: Tuesdays at 18.30 Comments: Best and biggest Chessclub in Värmland, Sweden
Club: Eksjö Schackklubb City, Country: Eksjö, Smaland, Sweden Address: Kaserngatan 22 Contact: Meeting Times: Thursday at 6:30 pm Comments: Founded in 1913
Club: Västerås Allmänna Schackklubb City, Country: Västerås, Sweden Address: Emausgatan 42 Contact: Meeting Times: Vi spelar varje tisdag (jan-maj aug-dec) klockan 18.30 Comments:
Club: Karlskrona Schackvänner City, Country: Karlskrona, Sweden Address: Högabergsgatan 40 Contact:, Meeting Times: TUE 18.30 Comments:
Club: Linköpings Allmänns Schacksällskap City, Country: Linköping, Sweden Address: Götgatan 48A Contact: Meeting Times: Tis 18.00, Fre 19.00 under säsong. Comments:
Club: Huskvarna ASK City, Country: Huskvarna, Sweden Address: Duvgatan 39, Jönköping Contact: Meeting Times: tuesdays 7 p.m CET Comments:
Club: Kristianstad SK City, Country: Kristianstad, Sweden Address: Tredalagatan 15A Contact: 044-228550,, Meeting Times: Tuesdays 18-23 Comments:
Club: SA fenix City, Country: Boras, Sweden Address: Allégatan 61, 50337 Borås Contact: 004633133985, ICC-handle:Ludvig Meeting Times: Tuesdays, Thursdays 6.30PM-11 PM, Sundays 5PM-7PM Comments:
Club: Limhamns schackklubb City, Country: Malmo, Sweden Address: Kalkbrottsgrand 19 Contact: Meeting Times: Various Comments: Founded 1926, with more than 350 members
Club: SK Framåt City, Country: Smedby, Sweden Address: Ebbetorpsvägen 3 394 70 Kalmar Contact: Meeting Times: Wednesdays 6pm > Comments:
Club: The Chess Club of Eslöv, Sweden City, Country: Eslöv, Sweden Address: Brinken 1, 241 37 Eslöv Contact: Meeting Times: Seniors: Thursdays 18:30 Comments: Info in English:
Club: Öckerö SS City, Country: Öckerö, Sweden Address: Brattevägen 50, 430 90 Öckerö Contact: Stig Grönlund Tel 0737-231738 email: Website: Meeting Times: Wednesday 18.00-23.00 Comments: On the Ockero Islands we play with fishermen instead of pawns. Seahorses instead of Knights, Destroyers instead of Bishops, Lighttowers instead of Rooks. Caissa is our ChessQueen and she was a seamaid before descending to heaven. Our ChessKing is an ordinary crab

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