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ICC Interview with Evgeny Bareev (Bareev-Camp)

Saturday May 29, 2004 on ICC

Bareev-Camp(GM): Hello, everybody

McFly: Hello, Evgeny! Nice to meet you here on ICC! Thank you for the great simul! It was tough event for you?

Bareev-Camp(GM): It was hard for me in the middle of the event

matt24: Question to Bareev: what is the best way to study for positional chess?

Bareev-Camp(GM): you should study with really strong GMs

darrellmac wrote: Bareev why do you like the French defence so much? Is it the styye or positions you like!?

Bareev-Camp(GM): I don't like it, i prefer Caro Kann

Aslan777: What do you think of the ACP and do you think it is a viable option to FIDE?

Bareev-Camp(GM): ACP is a real chance for the professional chess world to save its situation

LittlePeasant(GM): how come most Top GMs wont play in Libya?

Bareev-Camp(GM): FIDE didn't want to sign the contracts, but proposed us to sign onle one side contract. I think that it's really unapropriate

pille(C): Hi Evgeny - do think its ok that GMs from Israel which got invitation to play WC 2004 at Libya - declined to play?

Bareev-Camp(GM): I think it's a right safe decision

Joyoyo: GM Bareev, do you agree with Vladimir Kramnik in the latest NIC issue about that Garry Kasparov cant be considered as number 1 in the world? Thanks

Bareev-Camp(GM): i don't see any single reason as well! he doesn't play chess any more...

punter: what do you think make the diffrence strong GM's and players somewhere between 2500-2600rating

Bareev-Camp(GM): time which is dedicated to chess at home

airouts: Are you going to play in any tournaments in USA while your in the states?

Bareev-Camp(GM): No, I want to work really serious in the camp, i'll have so many things to do there, that i won't have time for the tournaments

airouts: What are the people that attend your camp going to learn and how intense is the camp going to be?

Bareev-Camp(GM): well there will lessons two times per day for a few hours

Zek(*): Type "finger Bareev-Camp" for information on attending these camps in San Diego, California

Joyoyo: What time control do you prefer, classic or rapid?

Bareev-Camp(GM): rapid

Vangard(C): GM Bareev do you think it would be ok to ask this question Do you plain on give any more simuls on ICC in the future

Bareev-Camp(GM): of course!

jtayar88: why do you believe so strongly in the french

Bareev-Camp(GM): Rajabov played in 10 best tournaments and what?

punter: who do you think will win Kramnik-Leko match ?

Bareev-Camp(GM): there will a big fight with small kramnik's advantage

felipe31: why you play very rare in internet?

Bareev-Camp(GM): Because i really have no time for that because of Kramnik-Leko match

jtayar88: sorry i didnt understand the answer so i will ask again, Why, do you believe so strongly in the french defense?

Bareev-Camp(GM): I don't like French

Joyoyo: who will be Kramniks seconds besides you?

Bareev-Camp(GM): Ileskas

Lithos: Bareev, who do you think will win the Fide Women Championship going on in Elista?

Bareev-Camp(GM): Someone from China

Joyoyo: Wont GMs Svidler and Gelfand help as in London 2000?

Bareev-Camp(GM): They didn't help

Llywelyn: Do you think that giving a simul on the internet is significantly more difficult, or easier, than across the boards?

Bareev-Camp(GM): In Internet it's much more difficult

Lithos: Bareev, would you describe yourself as a positional or tactical player?

Bareev-Camp(GM): I'm more balanced player

Kolibri: Jevgenij, what is your favourite chessgame of all times ?

Bareev-Camp(GM): Topalov-Bareev, Linares, 1994

matt24: how would a chess player study to improve at positional chess? what kind of things can a player do to get better at positional chess?

Bareev-Camp(GM): Study the games of strong players and play them!

danka: Sometimes you play very poorly, why does that happen? Shouldn't the results be based on knowledge and experience? Thanks

Bareev-Camp(GM): Everybody sometimes play poor!

spinnaka: what is difference between a GM and a ametuer in viewing a position?

Bareev-Camp(GM): GM sees the whole position and then all the details

Opje: is there anyone in particular of your rating class that gives you the most problems, and how do you study for them and try to beat them?

Bareev-Camp(GM): Anand, Iso I try to make as many draws as possible

Lithos: Bareev: It is said about mathemathicans that if they are not good in their early 20's they will never be good. Do you think the same is true for chessplayers?

Bareev-Camp(GM): That's true!!!

felipe31: but Korchnoi was not very good in 20 years :)

Bareev-Camp(GM): who proves the rule

Opje: Since you don't play on ICC that much (ahem) is there anywhere in particular you get to relax and play some informal blitz games among strong players? A favorite chessclub perhaps?

Bareev-Camp(GM): I love studying chess and not to play useless games

Lithos: I saw recently that some brain researchers have been studying the thought processes of good players. Apparently these players see patterns not single moves. The are able to recall thousands of positions from their memory and use their instinct. Do you think this is true?

Bareev-Camp(GM): It's intgeresting but how can I know for sure

SlavMonster: How come so many GM's agree a draw after 15 moves,Bareev..are they just lazy?

Bareev-Camp(GM): They are not lazy, but they don't see the way to win

jinclient: Perhaps a silly question, but how can you give any advice on playing better without actually investing any time in studying? I'm an amateur player and like to play for the fun of it, but don't have time to study.

Bareev-Camp(GM): Unfortunately without studying there's no way to improve your level

Kolibri: But Jevgenij, I think you are one of the players who became really good a little later than in your early 20s, just like Korchnoi did.

Bareev-Camp(GM): at 18 i almost won Russ Champ

fernbap: GM Bareev: what would be your advice on developing one's chess intuition?

Bareev-Camp(GM): there's no way!

jtayar88: when someone says study to get better... like,.. how should they study.../what?

Bareev-Camp(GM): hensel

Lithos: Which is better analyzing once played games by "hand" or by "computer"? I have many friend that constantly "Fritz" their games but I do it by "gray matter". Is it a generation gap?

Bareev-Camp(GM): hand and head

Bareev-Camp(GM): to everybody! Thank you for participating in the event. It was a great pleasure for me to play and talk with u! see u next time!

EeEk(*): Thanks to Evgeny for taking the time to answer the questions!


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