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Thanks or No Thanks

By Queenie

People react differently to virtual realities. Some feel that the whole world of the internet is nothing more substantial than flickering lights on a computer monitor. They don't get disturbed, frightened, or angered by anything they see on their screens. Other people, though, think of the net as an extension of the real world. They feel the same way about net-behavior as they do about the things people do and say in their immediate local surroundings. Neither of these viewpoints can be said to be wrong or right. But they occasionally clash out on the internet, and one historical flash-point has been the interpretation of post-game comments. Here's a perspective and a commentary on the issue as it applies to the world of ICC...

Thanks or No Thanks
by Queenie

Some people were raised with good manners. Some people were not. Some people get extremely annoyed at those who were raised with good manners. I confess I am one of them. But why should my blood boil after someone sends me a, "gg" or a "tx"? Isn't the person just showing good sportsmanship? Like many chess players, I am a very sore loser. The last thing in the world I want to hear is "good game". Was it really a good game? Did I not just hang my queen? How was this a good game? Thanks for letting me know what a good game it was for YOU, buddy.

Here's the thing though: if I win, I don't get all bent out of shape when my opponent offers me a "gg". Nope, then it's just fine. Tell me thx and I won't even be annoyed that you didn't take the time out to type 3 extra letters. Interesting, isn't it?

So what is it about saying thanks after a game that gets me so mad? It is annoying that the person can't take the time out to spell a full word. What is that all about? Tx??? Come on now- spell the whole thing out. I know you can do it. My only thought is maybe he/she can't type, but I am not so sure. Anyone can manage to hunt and peck a 6-letter word. Another thing is the thought that my opponent is gloating, or rubbing it in. Ok, that is just too ridiculous a thought to really entertain, but it sometimes pops up. I am sure there are those that are sore winners, but I am going to give most players the benefit of the doubt here and assume that they are just showing good sportsmanship. Or how about those that only say good game after they win? Now that is dead wrong. If you are going to take the time out to say it when you win, you should at least be consistent and say it when you lose. It's so easy to be a good sport when you are winning, isn't it?

My post-game etiquette is pretty bad, I admit. If I lost, I may not respond to a "gg". I try to, but believe me, if I do, I don't mean it 98% of the time. I didn't think it was a good game. I think I played like a total moron and I am furious about it. But for politeness' sake I may say good game. If I win a game, I don't say anything unless my opponent does first. That's just my policy.

I believe that when someone says "good game" or "thanks", the majority of the time the person is just being a good sport. Still, I get infuriated because I am a sore loser, plain and simple. Tell me you just watched Bambi, or anything else unrelated to the game I just lost, and I will find a way to snap at you. But that's just me. Maybe I need some anger management therapy.

I found some interesting perspectives on this ongoing ICC debate from other members (Ok, I confess! I have some of these included because they are hilarious):

Drink: I really like it when you kick my ass and then thank me

Sacman: +alias thx ; say Why you're quite welcome Mr. Thanks-Parrot. ; say Does Polly wanna cracker, too???

QueenNancy (11:10 27-Oct-99 EDT): here are my thoughts: it doesn't bother me when my opponent says gg, thx, thanks, handshake or whatever as long as they say it regardless of whether they win or lose...I usually don't say thanks unless my opponent says it though

Dr-EL: if you're going to send a "th" or "thx" (a raspberry?) or gg (baby-talk?) -- please, don't bother.. if you can't take the time to type out the whole word, you probably don't mean it!

Axl: People who say thanks when they: WIN - 58 Lose - 30

mel (23:43 24-Oct-99 EDT): I think that people who can't say or take a gg or thnx after a game have what we like to call "politeness envy".

Andryusha :please no "thanx", "thx", "tx", "thanks" or any other alias after the game. - it is REAL disrespect. Imagine playing 10 games over the boards and then saying: tks... to your opponent? Nice

Chopsey (16:36 25-Oct-99 EDT): I like to say thx or vgg after games but the people almost ALWAYS get mad at me for doing it :)


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