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ICC News Item #990

NEWS 990 (1-Jun-98)Next Previous
Kasparov on the ICC!

Dahlia vs PBS - a funny, unbelievable, but true story

After Kasparov concluded his simul against the Israeli Olympic team,
he chose to start training for his blitz match against Svidler on the
Internet Chess Club on May 26, 1998.  It was the first direct experience
for Garry on ICC and terms as "lag" and "mouse slip" were totally
unfamiliar elements in his chess career so far. My problem was to find
him suitable opponents - no use of letting him play 20 games against
low rated players. Thus I had an "anonymous GM" account previously
utilized by another strong yet anonymous GM named "Dahlia".  Dahlia happens
to be the name of my younger sister. Dahlia had a head start of 2650 which
is "good meat" for some GMs. Garry started to practice losing his first
game on time in a won position which is normal to Verdugo (another
familiar anonymous entity). In the second game he was already killing
Verdugo but a mouse slip cost him a technical draw one move before he
would mate. Once Verdugo disappeared, Garry wanted to play a strong
opponent to no avail.

The next day another ICC training session took place. Garry was getting
better killing some weaker opponents but still he was a bit slow with
the mouse. A new GM suddenly challenged: PBS.  Garry accepted and PBS
played a poor opening reaching a bad position but then started to defend
pretty well. Garry muttered: "this guy is no ordinary GM I feel very
tough resistance here." Kasparov won this game and soon started another
game with PBS.  After PBS played 13. Qh3! Garry was convinced that this
guy must be a very strong GM.

"This guy is quick - he must be one of the top 10: yet he can't be Shirov
nor Kramnik, they are both busy playing each other for the right to play
me" he said. "Wow PBS - couldn't it be Peter Borisovich Svidler" I guessed.
"Of course!", replied Garry, "it must be" recalling these initials from
their recent tournament in Tilburg. Garry told me that in Tilburg, some
of the players went to play Laser force shooting. One team included: Garry,
Judit Polgar and Yuri Dohoyan and the other: Kramnik, Leko and Svidler.
Garry recalled that Svidler used the initials "PBS" to register. Although
PBS identity was exposed, it was too late and Garry lost game 2.

Game 3 between Dahlia and PBS started this time with Dahlia playing in full
strength and winning.  By game four, when Garry used the Sveshnikov to
follow the exact game between Svidler and San Segundo, PBS already knew
who Dahlia is. The opening and the style had Garry Kasparov's fingerprints
all over it. It was a great game and you can examine it by typing "examine
Dahlia %1" on the ICC.

In the eve of the 26th, during their phone conversation it turned out that
Svidler indeed recognized who Dahlia is - the playing strength disclosed

So on Sunday, May 24th, a training match between two anonymous players:
Peter Svidler aka PBS and Garry Kasparov aka Dahlia took place with
Dahlia winning 3-1.  Of all the anonymous GMs on ICC, disguised computers
and players with phony identity and/or sex, Svidler found ... Kasparov
as his training opponent! They couldn't prepare better for each other...

Garry went on to play games against various GMs. He beat Ariela 5-0. All
games were conducted from the Kasparov Academy under crazy conditions:
kids barging in for his autograph, or just getting excited around him.
Nevertheless Garry reached winning positions in all of his games.

Some other ICC members were suspicious of course of Dahlia's rising
success. One of them, CanadianCourage kept messaging - "I know who you
are - you must be Anand!"

Garry played a total of 21 matches against various GMs.  All of them were
5 0, refusing to degrade himself to 3 0 or 1 0 offers.  His final blitz
match was against Tony Miles (1.5-1.5).  This match started as late as
2 AM in the morning! Garry lost on time one of the games failing to find
in the interface how to claim a draw after a 3-fold repetition.  Being
exhausted, Garry wishes to apologizes to TonyM for not revealing his
real identity.  All I can tell you is that Garry had a great experience
over the ICC and so did I!

-- Shay Bushinsky ("ban")

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