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ICC News Item #811

NEWS 811 (8-Nov-97)Next Previous
ICC Teams Compete against Kasparov


On Saturday Nov 8, at 11am EST two teams of ICC players will play
against World Champion Garry Kasparov.  They will be one of 25
four man teams that he will play simultaneously.  Many of the other
teams consist of celebrities,  including rock and roll star Sting.  

The event is being staged at the Cobden Club in London, England to
generate public awareness for people suffering Fragile X Syndrome,
a genetically inherited condition which is the most common cause
of learning disability.

The two ICC teams are:

        Knightrunner (captain) Catarina  Minstrel RA and Torr
          [from New York, Lisbon, San Antonio, Lisbon, and Copenhagen]

        Rossa (captain) Atanas mbreul and Sabalero
          [from US, Greece, Japan, Argentina respectively]

Thanks to all the teams that applied.  Unforunately, the event can
only accommodate two teams.

The names "Kasparov" and "kasparov2nd" will be used by the player
entering Kasparov's moves.  To watch the games, simply type "obs
kasparov" or "obs kasparov2nd".  Chat about game in channel 40 (type
"+ch 40").  [Special thanks to ICCer ThomasTallis for entering
Kasparov's moves.]

Go team ICC!!!!!
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